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In this work I have shown the power of ditermination, dedication and devotion along with the will power to do any difficult task.   The shoes of main

Character is the same as famous basketball player Michael Jordan wear. Whatever the situation we should have courage to deal it or face it.

Size: 42 X 54 Inches

Meet the Artist

Arvind Dubey

As a artist I believe that by using my surface while portraying my surrealist hybrid characters as my paintings with lots of bright colours is oresenting the thought which I feel, and observed while liging in the society and this planet.  While adding some sarcasm in my story I used to create some humor in it.  Throughout my childhood nourishment I used to live in such a natural habitat where I was very near to the nature, birds, animals and other natural elements.  While painting I always felt a invisible unconscious relation with nature. My stories and contents are social and daily life based, like love, nature, human behaviours etc.

Artwork Specs

Size 42 X 54 Inches
Medium acrylic on canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap