Abir Art Advisory: Our new addition

If you are an architect or interior designer, you might want to check out our wonderful collection of contemporary art. Our online art gallery abirspace.com not only is a great place to pick art, but Abir Art Advisory can also customize works of art for your specific projects and offer bespoke solutions.

Led by our founder Ruby Jagrut, the advisory team has extensive knowledge and experience in integrating art into architectural projects. We understand the nuances of your mediums, styles, and techniques. We get the context and can be very effective in bringing impactful solutions at the best competitive prices.

A collaboration will lead to much more value by complementing your spaces with good art enhancing the overall design concept, and creating a harmonious and cohesive environment.

Our art advisors have a wide network of galleries and art institutions. We can connect your architecture/ design firms with spectacular works of art in alignment with the project's vision and aesthetic.

We can help with art valuation and documentation. We can ensure that proper documentation such as certificates of authenticity and provenance are obtained, enhancing the credibility and value of the art collection.

By associating with us, your firms can offer a comprehensive and personalized experience to clients. That adds to the value of aesthetics you bring to them through your practice by having an expert agency at your service. Collaborating with Abir Art Advisory allows architects to provide a holistic approach that considers both the architectural and artistic aspects, resulting in a more enriching and satisfying experience for the clients.

We work both ways. You can tell us your requirements and we will try our best to best affordable solutions for your spaces we can also offer premium access to our own rich and interesting collection of contemporary works of fine art, installations, ceramics, sculptures, and mixed media.

We understand your needs better because we are already working with some lead architects and designers.

It would be great to connect and explore business collaborations with you. Please feel free to drop a line at office@abirpace.com

Team -

Abir Space.