Abir = Art Movement

Abir Space is a celebration of what is new, young, emerging, upcoming in Indian art. In the process, it brings the best of authentic art from diverse corners of India, expands the universe, showcases, curates, and mentors promising young artists.

Each piece of art displayed here is validated by reputed art curators/ mentors/ senior artists. Abir Space is taking this art to the world and also bring the world to them.

Abir Space will fill in your cultural calendar with established curators filling you their carefully selected ideas and works of art. Abir Space celebrates the artists, by showcasing their work, profile and giving them equal and distinct importance.

Abir Space enhances conversations around art through Pothi to bring you art stories, ideas, themes and context from places as far as North east in Sikkim or Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh or this hidden village in West Bengal. Through this digital platform, we are fast forwarding the process of connecting both, the artist and then art lovers and take it from there.

Abir Space is an extension of sorts of Abir Foundation, which has been involved in spotting and showcasing young Indian artists after careful scrutiny by established jury members. With five shows to our credit in last five years, Abir Space has a base of 5000 young artists participating in its annual event First Take.

Art is celebration of life. We celebrate art. Please join in.