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Curator of the Month Lina Vincent, an independent art historian and curator has two decades of experience in arts management. Committed to socially engaged practices that reflect in the multi-disciplinary projects, the focus areas of her research include arts education, printmaking history and practice, the documentation of living traditions, and environmental consciousness in the arts. She recently worked on an Archival Museum Fellowship from the India Foundation for the Arts and runs the Goa Familia archival photography project with the Serendipity Arts Foundation. She initiated and headed the Piramal Residency Artist Incubator Programme 2019-20. Lina has a bachelor's degree in printmaking and a master's in Art History from Bangalore University (2001).


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Samvaad: A Dialogue on Art

From sharing the belief that sustainability is in-built in the Indian DNA to narrating an anecdote of a client pushing forward the purchase of a luxury car to invest in Haku Shah artworks, or elaborating on his own innumerable learnings from stalwart artists, well-known architect Hiren Patel sits in Samvaad with Abir Pothi to explain how he amalgamates art into his life and work.