Abandoned Surfaces

Abandoned Surfaces

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I have been looking out for the objects and surfaces that give me a feeling of abandonees and a shared feeling of no shelter. The struggle of not staying at one place, in search of home. The temporary shelters we look for to protect ourselves, the way we adapt to them and try to make a unknown place as ‘Home’. After some time, we find a new place, a new shelter and a new home, the process restarts. The place remains abandoned again.

Size: 27x54 Inch

Meet the Artist

Rupali Goel
My work revolves around the movement of a person with the passage of
time, overcoming and settling with the changeover or adaption to the new
phase of life which is desolated. I try to observe in my surroundings how
the people are reacting to certain situations. I try to capture the idea of
movement and transition, the feeling of abandonment, the feeling of
emptiness and fulfilment. While each artwork in the series has its own
meaning, I have tried to fundamentally present my life, as I live it, in the
moment, today. As I watch others around me, I realize that my own
transition is interdependent on the larger world around me.

Artwork Specs

Size 27x54 Inch
Medium Mixed Media on Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap