Divya Kakani

Imageries in my works revolve around nature, depicting a moment of oneness, longing, isolation and intuitive dialogue with my natural habitats. I find a sense of intimate connection and deeper self-reflection as I learn from and observe nature. Through the lyrical and rhythmic compositions, I try to render and explore the idea of anatomical similitude between nature and humans. My latest series of works are my emotive expressions explicitly delineating the magnificent and eternal characteristics of nature through pictorial arrangements of lines, shapes and forms. In my work I try to maintain an affinity with nature and learn from it. I make a conscious effort to treat nature as not just an ornamentation to our civilized urban lifestyle but as an integral part of the human experience. Majorly exploring the relief and intaglio techniques of printmaking, I also experiment with cyanotype using natural flowers and leaves along with linear drawing in my compositions.