With the Dice

With the Dice

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With the dice is the part of a serious where I explored the relationships between man-made objects and nature post covid wave

Size: 24x30 Inch

Meet the Artist

Sanyukta Kudtarkar

My work is heavily influenced by my perceptions of the people around me, as well as my introspection, research, and observations. As an avid observer, I paint poetry that bears witness to my current time and situation.

I try to give the mundane a larger meaning. More often than not, very simple, everyday tasks assist me in delving deeper into a person's psychology. The quality of being present in reality but not present in activity. My work is based on figurative realism, but I instil a sense of detachment in my figures to reflect the post-covid contemporary relationships.

My goal is to bring the subtle emotions, tones, gestures, and actions to the surface for all to see. 

While painting, I purposefully focused on visual accuracy and aesthetics. My work has recently shifted more toward experimentation with form, colour, and concept.

Artwork Specs

Size 24x30 Inch
Medium Oil on Paper
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap