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Waterfall in abstract strokes cascades with dynamic energy, capturing the fluid essence of nature's majestic cascade. Swirls of cool blues and frothy whites dance across the canvas, embodying the perpetual motion and power of falling water. The abstraction invites viewers to feel the rush and hear the gentle roar of the waterfall, transcending the literal representation. Layers of texture and movement converge, creating a visual symphony that mirrors the natural rhythms of this captivating phenomenon. In Waterfall, the abstract form becomes a gateway to the sensory

experience of nature's beauty, inviting contemplation on the ever-changing flow of life.

Size: 148 x 60 inches

Meet the Artist

Divyesh Bagdawala
Celebrated painter Divyesh Harshadbhai Bagdawala, born March 12, 1986, in Surat, Gujarat, has won numerous awards, including first prizes at the Camel Art Foundation's 14th Western Region Art Exhibition and the Art Society of India's 94th Annual Exhibition. His art reflects a deep journey of self-expression, featuring vibrant, imaginative works that engage viewers with their lively use of color and shape. With over 17 years of experience, Divyesh has also committed to mentoring emerging artists and contributing significantly to the art community by offering guidance and career opportunities. His influential works are displayed in high-profile collections such as the Prime Minister's Office in Delhi, and educational and corporate institutions across South Gujarat, including Surat. Inspired by his early experiences with his artist father, Divyesh’s creations embody a spiritual connection to his craft, fostering inspiration and appreciation among art novices and aficionados alike.
Divyesh started his art education at Union High School in Surat and then excelled in a diploma course at B.A. Mehta Kala Mahavidyalaya, Amalsad, topping in Gujarat in 2006. He further honed his skills at Krushnalal Majmudar College of Fine Arts in Bharuch, securing first place as an Art Teacher in 2007. Mentors like Dipak Bhai Patel and Jasu Bhai Nayak significantly influenced him during his studies. Divyesh’s career features solo exhibitions at prestigious galleries including Nehru Centre Art Gallery in Mumbai and Jehangir Art Gallery, reflecting his prominence. He has also been active in national art camps and group shows across India, underscoring his successful and acclaimed artistic journey.

Artwork Specs

Size 148 x 60 inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap