Varnadhyatma 26

Varnadhyatma 26

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I want to be as simple as nature in my painting. For me Abstraction is not limited to pictures, it should have important to be conceptual- abstraction or simplicity" . Art is a sensuous language that is based on visual communication and dialect. We as visual artist try to manifest these notions through various possibilities, creating a sensuous and serene work, showcasing our understanding and perspectives towards the visual form. These enquiries made by me during the process involve exploring the possibilities through various forms, illusions, beauty, balance and my intellect. Since 2018,I have been exploring on these casual forms through experimentation and venturing through various uncharted and untraveled paths, I have tried to venture trough the tools of possibilities, reincarnating my understanding of the subject and the visual forms, manipulating it to create and recreate a distinctive and diverse visual language.

Size: 48X60 inches

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Artwork Specs

Size 48X60 inches
Medium Oil on canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap