Varnadhyatma 27

Varnadhyatma 27

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Varnadhyatma means the journey of spirituality from color which is towards zero thought by passing through internal feelings, emotions, experiences, melody generated from simplicity.  Where I want to be thoughtless.  Mansoori uses his artistic psychology to capture the psychology of the audience who when watching his paintings are fully absorbed into it, because the forms created by Mansoori are nearer to the psychology of the audience. Since Mansoori's art psyche is full of different ideas of forms, he enjoys himself by creating so many forms by applying the different layers of colors patches, some time overlapping, some time juxtaposed and some time very beautifully imposed on one another. He usually uses dark colors, contrary to each other. However he also uses the colors of the same hues and shades as per the requirement of the forms and aesthetic. But his specialty lies in using the nature of color itself in his creation. He often seems to complete his work by using the density of color by diluting the same as to the tone of demand of his creation. If he uses dark and thick patches of colors, especially where he likes to put them in a bold way and side by side to create some solid type of forms, he also uses the thin layers of colors, sometimes dripping and shedding on the canvas, to create light and soft types of images. Texture is also one of the desired techniques of Mansoori's creation, though getting lesser space comparatively in latest works. However mild texture work may still be noticed in the works entitled as Casual Forms.

Size: 39X51 inches

Meet the Artist

Artwork Specs

Size 39X51 inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap