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Mansoori uses his artistic psychology to capture the psychology of the audience, who are completely engrossed in looking at his paintings, as the forms created by Mansoori are closer to the psychology of the viewer. Since Mansuri's art psyche is full of different ideas of forms, many were applied very beautifully by applying different layers of color patches, sometimes overlapping, sometimes with each other and sometimes on each other. He enjoys himself by creating forms. He usually uses dark colors opposite each other. However he also uses colors of the same hue and shade as per the need of forms and beauty. But his specialty lies in using the nature of color in his creation. He often completes his work by diluting the density of color to the tone his composition demands. If he uses dark and thick patches of colors especially where he likes to place them boldly and side by side to create some solid type of motifs, he also uses thin layers of colors Sometimes it drips and flows onto the canvas, creating a light and soft type of painting.
Texture is also one of the desired techniques of Mansuri's composition, although it is finding comparatively less space in the latest works. Light texture work can still be seen, however, in works entitled Contingent Forms.

Size: 88 X 66 Inches

Meet the Artist

Artwork Specs

Size 88 X 66 Inches
Medium Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap