The Melody of Colours

The Melody of Colours

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Some creative persons are always in search of a vision of Beauty and express their experience through external signs i. e. the language of words, line, color, sound and movement etc. Madan, the well known artist has deep understanding of Indian, music, poetry, drama, photography and painting. His figures are well versed in dance, music and codes of colours. Madan is expert in the use of the[ yojayet] the visual formulae[dhyana]. His birds, plants, creepers and if lowers are utmost tender. His hand and mind never tired of the glory of the fawn eye. His swan is as delicate and charming as the lotus. Madan depicted the real nature of swan how he could separate milk from water and partake only the former leaving the latter. In his painting the swan is flying in the sky to the real abode in the Manasa lake on account of the extreme wintry weather. They have capacity to shift and eliminate the bad from the good and accept the best.

The flying swans are light in their flight which show the perfection of the artist. These flying swans are in golden colours to expound dharma. Perhaps Madan has Hamsa jataka in his mind. He has emphasized its wisdom. In the background of the composition there are men and damsel who are alert and listening to the bird wished that it should be caught for the purpose. Parrot is closely shown to the female figures which represent the desire of the human figures. Wisdom of the swans are beautifully woven in the symphonies of colours and lines. The way they are collecting the best and wise enough to throw the bad is perfectly visualized by the creator.


Size: 40 x 96 Inches

Meet the Artist

Madan Lal

Presenting Madan Lal, an alumnus of Government College of Art Chandigarh, whose artistic evolution has led to a distinctive style resonating with life's irrepressible energy. Lal's imagery, figurative and mysterious, embodies a celebration of life's essence—where rhythms, emotions, and sounds converge.
His artworks are a melange of Raag, ras, and naad, a vibrant symphony celebrating both inner and outer beauty.

Lal's canvas encapsulates an ode to life, illuminated by colors that dance in harmony, portraying the inner essence of the human and animal forms that communicate joyously.

Employing a vibrant color palette, Lal's skillful use of acrylics in multilayered, painstaking skill creates larger-than-life and smaller compositions alike. The richness of gold, vibrant yellows, greens, and oranges, juxtaposed with calming blues and turquoises, captivates and engages viewers, drawing them into a world of metaphysical beauty.

What sets Lal apart is his commitment to infusing knowledge and inner beauty into a materialistic world, often using calligraphic symbols alongside metaphors in his artworks. His purpose extends beyond the canvas—to sensitize others toward the beauty we're fast losing sight of.

Madan Lal, an esteemed artist affiliated with Holo Art, has been an integral part of numerous national and international art symposiums, exhibitions, and camps across India and abroad. His art has graced prestigious galleries and exhibitions in London, Sweden, Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya), Egypt, Macedonia, Dubai, and more.
Lal's dedication to exploring new artistic expressions remains unwavering. He intertwines his passion for drawing, evident in his meticulously crafted sketchbooks containing poetry and stories, with his evolving artistic journey.

Honored with the National Award from Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi, Govt of India, Madan Lal's series of artworks continue to captivate and engage, offering a glimpse into his artistic soul and an exploration of new artistic dimensions.



Artwork Specs

Size 40 x 96 Inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap