The Concentration Camp

The Concentration Camp

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The extermination of Jews during World War II is widely known. Millions of prisoners were put to gas chambers and killed with poisonous gas in concentration camps like Auschwitz. After reading the book 'The Tattoist Of Auschwitz', I found similarities between the protagonist's situation and my own. Both of us are struggling to survive in a world that doesn't have enough resources. Today's educated unemployed youth condemns such development.

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Size: 27x22 Inch

Meet the Artist

Mritunjay Mukherjee

I am Mritunjay Mukherjee from Bolpur Santiniketan. I have done my B.Sc. in Yoga from Visva-bharati University and now I'm pursuing my from the same University. Beside my subject I'm an art practitioner since many years and I try to tell stories through my work. The story of my perspective, my experience, my circumstantial situation and things like these. Sometimes it's based on lie, because somewhere 'Story' is an event of lies in itself.

 I collect my work material from nature; like I extract colours from clay, minerals, and sometimes leaves or herbal ingredients. I always try to recycle things so I make handmade paper (paper pulp) from waste papers I have, sometimes from my mother's old 'sharee', as well as I use 'Wasli' as medium. I like to use metaphors in my narrative works.

 The pandemic bashed me hard and also taught me some important lessons of life. Most part of my work just reflect the situation that I have faced already or still facing.

Artwork Specs

Size 27x22 Inch
Medium Mixed Media
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap