Stone Age 7

Stone Age 7

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Medium : Chine - collé on Plate Lithography 

Size: 22 X 14 Inch

Meet the Artist

Shivani Dubey
In what appears to be a procession (or progress) moves from the wall/surface of a cave in central India going via the artist’s mind to be observed by those who will see her works. The participants of these procession have, in the process of transfer, acquired other forms. The forms have no body but appear to share organs. They share sight, that which orients us through the passage of time between the decoration of the walls of Bhimbetka to the artist’s (re)production. We see the transfer in a new light of a different time. Time, which allows for indication of contemporary thought and tools. The work is an invitation to use that shared sight which, in its formal circumstances, must be able to perceive the presence of multiple selves as well see itself in reproduction. As the participants of the procession have fused into one body, the artist has compressed the time in between them. I would like to work with this same Technique which is not that much common in printmaking. My aim is to mix both the technologies together traditional and modern digital printing.

Artwork Specs

Size 22 X 14 Inch
Medium Medium : Chine - collé on Plate Lithography
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap