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This work is also showing the power over the difficult situation if we have the courage, also this of my work is presenting thw WOMAN EMPOWERMENT I have shwon her as a leader in this work.

Size: 42 X 54 Inches

Meet the Artist

Arvind Dubey

As a artist I believe that by using my surface while portraying my surrealist hybrid characters as my paintings with lots of bright colours is oresenting the thought which I feel, and observed while liging in the society and this planet.  While adding some sarcasm in my story I used to create some humor in it.  Throughout my childhood nourishment I used to live in such a natural habitat where I was very near to the nature, birds, animals and other natural elements.  While painting I always felt a invisible unconscious relation with nature. My stories and contents are social and daily life based, like love, nature, human behaviours etc.

Artwork Specs

Size 42 X 54 Inches
Medium acrylic on canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap