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“My Guardian Ganesh” is a heartfelt tribute to the enduring bond between a father and his daughter—a connection rooted in support, shared strength, and the gentle guidance that shapes her journey. Through a palette of deep, warm tones that shows serenity, this artwork captures the essence of their remarkable relationship.
The composition centers on a father seated on a chair, a symbol of his steadfast presence in his daughter's life. Standing behind the chair, she holds onto it, representing the mutual support they offer one another. His wisdom and guidance have been her foundation, propelling her forward while she, in turn, becomes his source of inspiration.
The rich warmth of the color scheme envelops them, reflecting the comfort and security found in their connection. It speaks to the sanctuary they've created in each other's company—a place where serenity resides amidst life's trials. The hues are carefully chosen to evoke the depth of their relationship, highlighting the profound impact they've had on one another's lives.
Adding a poignant touch, there is a cola bottle with a plant in it, is a testament to her father's penchant for nurturing new life, embody his caring nature and the legacy of growth he's imparted. This hobby, a shared passion, becomes a metaphor for their bond—their ability to cultivate each other's potential and create beauty from the simple joys they share.
"My Guardian Ganesh" invites viewers to reflect on their own relationships and the strength that comes from having someone who unconditionally supports and encourages them. Through this artwork, I seek to celebrate the unique bond between a father and daughter—a connection built on love, trust, and the shared journey of nurturing one another's dreams.

Size: 30x36 inches

Meet the Artist

Jaspreet Dhaliwal
Myself Jaspreet Kaur Dhaliwal, working as a freelance artist in Indore, as well as persuing Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Government Institute of Fine Arts, Indore, M.P. As an artist, my work is a reflection of my own personal experiences and emotions. By painting my own life, i explore themes of identity, relationships and what sense the world makes to me. My creative process is intuitive and experimental, I work with a variety of mediums, mostly in acrylics and mix media. Through my art, I aim to create a space where viewers can connect with their own experiences and emotions and find a sense of understanding. My work explores the profound interplay of texture, colour, creating a visual language that delves into the depths of emotion and imagination. Through deep textured backgrounds, warm and vibrant hues, and glimpses of the boundless, I invite viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery. These textural layers, symbolises the complexities and depth of human experience. They represent the hidden stories, memories, and emotions that shape our individuality. Warm colours hold a prominent place in my palette, evoking a sense of serenity, intimacy and comfort.

Artwork Specs

Size 30x36 inches
Medium Acrylics on Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap