Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty

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This work carries little different representation than my usual work. This is about the concept of firstĀ impression on someone. When we meet someone for the first time we start judging them from theĀ first second of our meet by their looks, by their wearing. We ignore the inner beauty of a person,Ā which can only be known by getting to know them properly. The middle Red line represents the theĀ zip which should be opened up to know the inner quality of an individual
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Size: 36"x18" inch

Meet the Artist

Bikash Chandra Senapati

Nature being my inspiration and having love for it, trying to understand and exploring it more, I have always tried to portray those elements in my artworks and the internal battles and experiences which everyone goes through.Ā 

My works are the representation of that abstract of our reality which is so difficult to deal with, yet a constant part of our experiences.

Intricate, delicate, and dynamic, the lines and the textures mingle together in the portrayal of the most important parts of our existence. The lines act as the metaphor for the journey,Ā  journey of life which everyone goes through, sometimes huge chaos and sometimes very simple.

Ā I have used orange, red colours in my drawings, that are warm colours which evokes heat or restlessness, but yet I ā€˜ve used it very sensitively in an intention of giving to the viewer soothing and calming feeling. I try to create realistic version of our mental process that we are all so accustomed to, but barely realize.

My art practice embodies Drawing, Printmaking and Painting. I prefer drawing for the most of it as I started my journey through drawing, then gradually I came towards painting and printmaking. I also intend to explore my practice in sculpture and installation.

Artwork Specs

Size 36"x18" inch
Medium Woodcut
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap