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The entire piece began as a simple draw that I created utilizing pictures I remembered from my personal experiences in both my homeland and my current location. I always keep the personal stories associated with each and every image with me.

Size: 5 inch x 7 inch each

Meet the Artist

Abhijit Deb Nath
I explore the debate between materiality and abstract concepts and the relationship between social space and identity. My father's storytelling about our ancestral past reminds me that the space I grew up in didn't wholly belong to us. This conflict revolves around ownership of land, ideological space, and material space. My personal history, identity, and memories are narrated through material and space. Currently based in Bangalore, I work with a Bija community in the Sathnur village, using familiar materials to connect with my palace and origins. I interact with people, document them, and hold art workshops to understand their situation and how they deal with their physical spaces.

Artwork Specs

Size 5 inch x 7 inch each
Medium graphite, ink, acrylic, watercolor on paper.
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap