Classic (Yellow Car)

Classic (Yellow Car)

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  • Give your kids' bedroom a fresh new look they will adore.

Size: 24x24 inches

Meet the Artist

Veronika Zutshi

This is a series of 2 of my favorite cars that I have tried to paint realistically in order to capture the smallest details and to transport back to the bygone era when these beauties used to run on the roads.

Who doesn’t believe in the timeless beauty of Vintage and classic cars, they never go out of fashion and continue to captivate all ages. As an artist, I often find inspiration from my surroundings and everyday life, the moment I came across a friend’s collection of the photos of some vintage cars, I knew that I was going to try my hands at painting these majestic machines and try to incite a nostalgic feeling into the viewers. As I painted them on canvas, I realized how these cars represent our dreams. Just like them our dreams are also timeless. And just like them, our dreams also require constant maintenance and hard work to keep them alive.

Artwork Specs

Size 24x24 inches
Medium Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap