Chiristhayi 6

Chiristhayi 6

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Chirithayi means eternal, infinite. Looking at the old architecture, this word comes to my mind. I work based on architectural forms, textures, spaces, engineering drawings, maps, and city elements. My focus is on the combination of rapid growth and modern urban space such as the building under construction and the identification of old and new architecture in the city. Old houses have some rare and wonderful shapes. Such as H shape, C shape, etc. And if we look at those buildings from above, they look like a symbol on a map. This 100–150-year-old house that I bring into my work still stands and shows its existence in today's modern age. Focusing on time and activity and explaining our tradition has been my focus in this work.


  • Shape your dream home with this Modern Art Painting.

Size: 24X24 Inches

Meet the Artist

Vimal Ambaliya
The artist draws inspiration from Vadodara's rich history and culture, blending architectural elements, structures, and maps in their work. They gather materials from diverse sources, with a notable influence from a map painting by Srinathji Nathdwara. Their 118-year-old house, built traditionally, requires repairs, which they handle with a family background in technical expertise. They also design Tazias for Moharram, utilizing engineering experience for intricate designs. The artist's primary focus is on visually capturing a city and its symbols. They explore the significance of space in modern architecture and aim to update traditional techniques. Their notable works include the "Vadodara Series," "Makan ki kheti," "Prakash in shodh," "Black series," and "Chiristhayi." Additionally, they appreciate the intricate craftsmanship of Vastu Shastra style in 20th-century buildings, particularly admiring the unique lattice patterns and arch designs. They pay attention to the functional and aesthetic aspects of lines in buildings, observing the competitive landscape in construction. Through various techniques and materials, they create layered textures on different surfaces, using charcoal, ink, watercolor, and acrylic colors. Color is a central theme, lending imagination and abstraction to the surface. The artist explores city architecture, emphasizing simplicity and unity amidst diverse shapes. They seek to reevaluate city planning, taking into account cultural, social, political, and economic factors as cities grow and green spaces diminish.

Artwork Specs

Size 24X24 Inches
Medium Acrylic colour on canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap