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Butterfly by Krishna Popaliya

Size: 24×18 Inch

Meet the Artist

Krishna Popaliya

My work has always been done keeping in mind the place of woman in the society. Such as a woman's life cycle, her happiness, her problems, her status in society, etc. I believe that women get equal status in the society and I hope that the society also accepts this. I reflect on the mind-sets of the individuals around me. I am more sensitive to what women experience in their daily lives. I want to show through my work the events that have happened to the woman. I am exploring the materials of nails and wires. I have also tried various forms and possibilities within that material. I'm also working on ceramic material. In that medium, I make specific series of fruit ' growth ' that is based on PROMOGRANATE. In that series, I try to see every stages of Pomegranate are related to human life. The following sculptures are a part of an experiment wherein I explored the medium of barbed wires and nails along with few other objects. These materials were directed by the basic concept of violence against women and the physiological cycle of women. They trace the form of the body and symbolise different stages of violence. They have also allowed me to play with a kind of translucency allowing light and shadow to expand the sculpture beyond its physical restraints.

Artwork Specs

Size 24×18 Inch
Medium Iron rods, nails and wires
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap