'बेघर ' (HOMELESS)

'बेघर ' (HOMELESS)

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'बेघर ' (Homeless) In the name of development of our city we affect
many lives in nature. We first cut the trees which are the homes to their lives.
It is more or less plucking off the roofs and shredding their walls from their heads.
Once it's gone it's hard to live. Keep yourself in their place. How many days can we
survive without a home. When we travel and visit some place the first thing we
do is find a shelter where we can be safe. For this we look for a hotel room.
Can we live on footpath there...no! Because it's unsafe. We are well aware that we
can't survive long without a home. So why do we cut trees and disturb nature.
Please don't do that. It's home to many lives

Size: 36’’ x 60’’in.

Meet the Artist

Shiv Kumar Swami

I do figurative in exaggerated,distorted and cinematic style.This according to me is very convenient for the masses to understand and reflect upon their past, present and future.

In my work I try to portray every face of human society 'as it is'.

I strongly believe that everything in our society and culture have an immense intrinsic value.Thus,I end up giving equal importance to love and loathes of our existence.

I take my work through a very simple process of observation and manifestation in any medium available to me. I put a less analytical approach in forming the characters but I certainly give importance to every detail that weaves the whole picture of the story.

Artwork Specs

Size 36’’ x 60’’in.
Medium Acrylic Colour on Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap