Vishal Prajapati

I believe it is since my childhood, the philosophical perspective and importance of small things has been embedded in me, in a way that I found my solace in breathing life and creating art by connecting little objects and making it whole. That is what has been the essence of life for me, finding beauty in little joys. And the way my art practice connects the story of my life in a full circle is very much evident in the use of threads, Jeans and buttons, playful materials for me in my growing years where I saw my parents in our tailor shop and the left over fabrics were my playground. Just as the memoirs of my childhood that deeply reflect in my art journey, the displayed works also have an innate connection to my deep emotions felt during the recent years where I had spent days at home, observing and watching objects enclosed and surrounded around me, which were always there but now seemed to speak to me of the comfort they have held since the beginning.