Virendra Mahatha

In all my works I attempt to portray migration in it. People migrate all the time from
one place to fulfill their necessities. In prehistoric times, people used to migrate from one
place to another, we can understand that from the paintings or artworks found on the
caves of the wall.
Similarly, during the pandemic, I started to portray the plight of the people of the
marginalized section of how they used to wall thousands of Kilometers just to reach their
destination which could be their home, their people or just a place where they can fulfill
basic necessity such as food, water and shelter which was not so easily accessible during
I gave my work the structure of a milestone, human face, crowds etc which suggests
distance as well as migration and on top of that I have created figures of people from the
lower section of the society who are struggling the most. Milestone is a storyteller who
has been a witness to the struggles in every turn and wants the stories to reach
I want to question myself, the spectators as well as the society, the kind of problems we
have faced during this past year in the 21st century after all this advancement that
people have to fight for food, shelter, and transport. The question arises about morality,
humanity, and insensitive behavior of the authorities especially towards the
lower/working-class people.