Vikas Shiyal

Harnessing transfer colours, light shadow colours, canvases and mixed media, as an artist, I look within my family and my day-to-day living as the sources of inspiration for my work. I also explore the spiritual affinity and relationship between humans and nature in my art. In this journey of growth, I try to refresh the memories of my childhood and the time that has passed since then — with all the difficulties that came to me along the way and were experienced — and this is then manifested in my paintings. All the events that happen within this boundary are a source of question to me. Explaining why a particular theme is bothering me is futile. Instead, in my own way, I try to foreground the subjects in my works. I would rather depict these topics in a painting, as an experience. It is not an explanation or an endeavour of seeking answers — rather, it is just me living my life out and hoping that it resolves in this way.