Vedika Maski

I am Vedika Maski, a freelance artist based in Indore. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in fine arts from the esteemed Government Institute of Fine Arts. As an artist, my main source of inspiration is nature. Flowers, in particular, captivate me with their shapes, colors, and beauty. To me, they encompass the essence of the five elements of nature. The vibrant colors of flowers have always played a significant role in my life and continue to be a central theme in my artwork. In addition to flowers, I also find great joy and appreciation in observing the lively activities of squirrels and their intricate nests. Nature's creations never fail to amaze me and often find their way into my artistic expressions. Through my art, I aim to convey the beauty and harmony that exist within nature. Each brushstroke or pencil line is infused with hope and optimism as I celebrate the wonders that surround us. I invite you to explore my artwork and experience the magic that unfolds when nature meets creativity.