Suraj sahu


Today in Thais creative world what ever created by human being is the out of the nature imitation. Humans are act as brings between the artefact and the nature so all construction has human relations with the object. So my art practice somehow inspired from the ancient temple art making. The idea of collaging of human body with the temple structure.

Human body is compared to temple as it is said that God lives in the body on every human being. So human body is home of God. Human body is referred to as temple because it is said that God exists in each every every human has a god inside them.

A temple's garba-grihan ( main sanctum ) is equated with human neck; ardha - mandapam ( half - hall ) is compared with human chest  maha - mandapam ( main hall ) is equated with the stomach; flag - post is viewed along with human male organ  and gourami or temple gateway tower is viewed along with human feet.

  The structure harmony, the rhythm and a fine sense of proportion is the hall mark of India temple architecture. it is not merely resolves the contradictions but also expresses harmony by encompassing all contradictions, transforming into pure and uncompromised details of structure . The aim of a proportional system, meaning not merely symmetry , is to manifest a sense of coherence and harmony among the elements of the temple and it's whole