Sudeshna Saha

I am Sudeshna Saha an independent artist based in Kolkata. I intertwine facts, thoughts, and human relationships with their surroundings. My artistic expressions are the amalgamation of my perspective of the current consumerism world that is constantly driven by inevitable changes. My works are autobiographical and metaphorical which stimulates memories and establishes a strong dialog with the public. I tend to explore unspoken and underrated topics of human life and challenge the stereotypical concepts of social culture. The goal is to establish an altered narrative that would be more accepting, open, and neutral.

My process starts with a feeling or an object then they form a narrative on their own. I mostly use paper as base material, as the paper has diverse possibilities and I tend to work in multiple layers using different materials like ink, photo montage, collage, gold foils, fabric, soil, sand, etc. Working in multiple layers is a meditative process for me which I enjoy a lot.  I prefer to work with minimum colors, it opens up memories that we had left behind and a pause, mapping humanity.