Sourov Garai

Light and shadow are two fundamental elements for both - my image making process and the images I compose. Contrast plays a very important role in my work as well. Being a painter I like to work at the intersection of image-making processes. Being trained as a painter drawing is the part that is retained from my practice, in the process of developing plates for cyanotype prints.

Light and movement of light in interior spaces throughout the day as the sun sifts its position is what I study. Day light has always been an essential part of my work since I started painting outdoors. My work continues as an outcome of experimentation, involving light, space, and ambience as visual elements. The resulting image creates ambience and mood that visually communicates idle-ness, a sense of space, the progression of time, situation, and their relationship.

As a parts of the process, cyanotype print needs to be exposed under UV radiation. Where I chose sunlight and its radiation as an intangible material for my work. So, in a sense the properties characters of light, its movement and intensity are captured in my work with the help of sunlight itself.