Sonam Sikarwar

"Future World" – a journey, unplugged!
Being a young artist who was born and raised in Bhopal, I was unintentionally affected by the art and culture of this old city. I joined Bharat Bhavan in 2007, while still a college student, and it helped to shape and develop my path as an artist.
As a means of self-exploration during my career as an artist, I have worked on a variety of projects that are current.

Imagining a better, more sustainable world is challenging because, as we are all aware, the environment is changing.
We are witnessing and dealing with the effects of how mankind is tampering with nature's equilibrium out of convenience and greed in one way or another.
Only we can save this lost world, yet there are still not enough individuals working to save the planet's future.
Around this idea, the Future World series is based. I have attempted to demonstrate how I wish to see the future world since in my opinion, having a vision of the future is crucial.