Sonali Laha

Born and brought up in West Bengal, I completed my Master’s in Fine Arts at the University of Hyderabad in 2012. Since then, I have lived in the same city, practicing as a visual artist who has specialized in painting. I believe strongly that the ultimate act of resistance is now-ness and self-love. Through my art practice, I try to explore the journey of the human mind, body, and soul and how they react with each other in various situations and spaces. I always try to manifest my feelings and experiences through my work. In my life journey till now, I have realized that it is very important to give priority to the small things — because this existence is very uncertain and unpredictable. And so, nature and day-to-day experiences have become an integral part of my work. In my work, I explore changes that occur over periods of time in different aspects of our surroundings, creating layers. I feel that it is only if we try to see the depth of these layers that we can reach fundamental truths. Investigating these levels also helps me explore my medium. I mainly work with tempera on washli, and thoroughly enjoy the process of preparing the surface and colors. I also include various mediums like my fallen hair, silk, woods, fabrics beads and more, believing that these should become part of the art as an organic necessity. This process of making and expansion of work is a whole journey of one’s creative mind, and helps me understand reality away from virtuality. For me, my painting surface is like skin, and all the colors go deeper into it, creating a bright outcome. It all makes for a better understanding of my own thoughts and ideas.