Sayantan Chakraborty

The concept of my work has always been dominated by the people around me who work hard in their daily lives. Those who work tirelessly to fulfill our needs and some times fulfill our luxuries. But their lives are dark even in the light of day .They fulfill all our needs through their diligent efforts but sometimes their little necessities of life are not fulfilled at all. I always find my frames in their lives sometimes it is a worker of construction building and sometimes it is a worker working in a stuffy environment under the load of clothes in an ironing shop .their lives are limited to such places. Sometimes the life of a migrant workers that I have experienced while living in Hyderabad as a non resident. From somewhere many migrant workers would gather under the house where I lived. Then they would walk away with big loads on their heads. New migrant workers come again the next day. So, the main inspiration for my works are the long awaited observation of workers in variety of occupations. Before this I work on some different subjects which based on human life in social aspects. which occur beyond our knowledge .from those social changes comes out something new .at the same time through this changes something gets lost which the society expects to exist .this process changing takes place very slowly which we fail to notice many a time .So my ultimate mission is to present enormous pressure on the human being. Similarly now a days we think deeply the lack of humanism in the human society. Besides lack of strong back bone ,habit of admilating the unjust ,failure to protest all these unknowingly have entered with in the subjects of my works….