Sayanee Sarkar

Walking down the street or sitting in a room or in whatever place, my mind continuously engages in observing humans, and the way each part of their body moves , it instantly triggers me to paint them.

I am drawn to capture the essence of solitude. My pieces often depict figures in isolation , whether they are family members, friends, or complete strangers. I aim to portray a sense of introspection and contemplation through their poses and expressions. Imitating the numbness that reflects not only on the faces but also on the body.

My collection of references draws upon self-clicked images, random drawings or screenshots from the internet. I return to the collected images time and time again, which sparks ideas for the works. Thus the archive becomes a site for imagining. While painting the scenes become less specific and the characters become more universal.

In terms of technique, I have adopted an unfinished approach to my paintings. Which allows me to focus more on the process rather than the finished product. Medium of my choice has gradually shifted from acrylic or oil on canvas and paper to wooden surfaces.I prefer a dark and subtle range of color palettes with minimal elements. Adding thin layers of paint adds to the layered thoughts and emotions of the figures .

    I am constantly seeking new ways to push the boundaries of my painting. My practice is in making my works seem visually more ambiguous. I hope to continue exploring new mediums and techniques to express what I feel more efficiently.