Rumki Bhaumik

My art narrates my personal story, binding my emotions with the materials and forms around me, delving into the dialogue between emptiness and pursuit. Even if the spaces I reside in aren't mine, I pour my essence into them, carving out my identity. 'What is mine' is a theme that traces back to my youth. Through diverse mediums like painting, embroidery, and woodcut, I share my soul. The contrast in woodcut pushed me towards sculptural work. Growing up in rural Agartala, I played with mud and lived in a mud house, instilling a sense of place. This sense transformed in Mumbai and Baroda's urbanity, where I studied art. The city's solid shapes and interplay of form and light intrigued me, influencing my view of the urban environment. My works weave nostalgia, connecting my history with today, making unfamiliar places feel like home and embodying my adaptation and recollections.