Rajinder Kaur

I am a Chandigarh based artist now lives in Delhi. I have done my MFA (printmaking) from Chandigarh college of Art sec-10. I am printmaker, I use intaglio, woodcut, etching, viscosity technique to make my art work.
I get influenced by my surrounding. I have interest towards art since my childhood and gradually since then I have been learning more and more about art. My mother used to stitch clothes. I started doing my art work on stitching tools and machine. I have tried to show my mother’s journey in my work. My mother has inspired me a lot. She was always there with me whenever I needed her. So, my work express my inner voice about her according to me work is not just a theme it is an inspiration of my mother.
The elements in my work
All the object and element, I use in my work have some meaning. Those meaning are related to life.
Stitching machine:- For me the wheel of machine symbolized the wheel of life. As the wheel of machine works and create clothes in the same way. The wheel of life gives us knew experiences and creates story of our lives.
Needle:- needle stitch the positive area and created to our lives like needle attach things and create something new.
Thread:- It symbolizes the colors of life. Without thread we cannot stitch cloth. Needle and thread both are inseparable.
Scissor:- According to me it cuts all the negative area or negativity. Scissors give a new shape after cutting. Like scissor life gives us always new opportunity.