Puja Aggarwal

Puja Aggarwal, an artist with a background in management, has been creating art for 20 years. Despite having an MBA, her true passion lies in painting. She draws inspiration from nature and explores the subconscious mind in her work, creating images that reflect the realities and mysteries of life. Aggarwal has had solo exhibitions in Mumbai and New Delhi, showcasing her unique and thought-provoking pieces.

The artist in the article discusses how creation is not about replicating reality exactly, but rather capturing the essence of it through her artwork. Growing up in a variety of places due to her father's Army career, she draws inspiration from her childhood experiences in nature. Training under a master of Indian Contemporary Art helped shape her creativity and allowed her to deeply understand the nuances of life. Art has become an integral part of her life, allowing her to explore the myriad colors of human existence.