Praveen Jhariya

My artistic inspiration springs from the detailed goddess idol of my hometown, Subajni village, celebrated for its goddess worship tradition. The village's rich heritage of myths and stories ignites my creativity. In my paintings, I capture rural life's essence and mythological narratives, paying homage to the holy goddess statue, with figures featuring purposeful downward gazes to reflect deep spiritual devotion. Every brushstroke and hue in my art represents the personal tales that define my artistry.

I'm captivated by the countryside—its life, festivals, wildlife, and traditions, all of which inspire my artwork. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, which broadens my perspective. My passion extends beyond painting to seeing nature itself as an artistic palette, helping me deeply engage with my environment. My work often portrays folk tales, the changing seasons, and local celebrations, expressing the elegance of rural existence and nature to highlight life's serene beauty.