Poulomi Biswas

Behind my every artwork, there is a woman who is continuously trying to accept reality. That woman is me. The journey to death is living. Through my artwork, I share my thoughts and some unforgettable and unbearable moments that I had or I'm having at present. Situations got stuck with me until I try to admit and express them in any art form like Painting, Print Making and Installation. I draw whatever comes to my mind consciously or unconsciously while holding the pencil.

One of my habits is to sit down wherever and just think, imagine and desire by ignoring all the things in front of me. At this moment I question every possible thing that comes to my sense. I try to reflect on these routines of my daily activities, desires, and the thing that I have lost in my past in my artworks. I am flexible with the mediums I choose for my work. Using a mix of medium and woodcut is what I like the most till now. I feel pleasure while curving the ply or wood block. On the other hand, using different materials and mediums in my work feels like freedom.