Palak Modi

In my work, I explore minimalism and social constructivism through black and white art, including paintings and sculptures. I investigate the balance of simplicity and human societal constructs, using a modern abstract style to express complex ideas simply. The monochrome colors underscore my subject's essence, cutting through clutter to examine life's core. Organic shapes feature prominently, their raw presence connecting us to nature's basic forces. The interplay of light, shadow, and texture encourages reflection on our role in society and our bond with the environment.

My minimalist art aims to spark reflection on societal constructs by stripping down to essentials. Each piece calls for contemplation, urging viewers to question their reality and its collective influence. Emphasizing natural forms, I hope to provoke an emotional reaction that surpasses language, deepening our understanding of humanity's bond. This work invites critical examination of our shaped perceptions and our intrinsic connection.