Niti Patel

 My body of work is an exploration of my personal experiences and memories from childhood to adolescence. As I grew and gained more diverse experiences, my artistic expression underwent a transformation. Drawing inspiration from my middle-class background, I aim to depict the struggles and resilience of the middle and lower-middle class, focusing on their survival in various occupations and daily life. In this artist statement, I present my work as a presentable collection for an art gallery, highlighting the themes, techniques, and emotional connections imbued within each piece.

 Through my art, I strive to shed light on the experiences of the middle and lower-middle class individuals who engage in occupations they may or may not enjoy. I depict a range of professions, such as pani puri vallas (street food vendors), vegetable market sellers, tea stall owners, golla wallas (candy sellers), and street food stall operators. These individuals are integral to the fabric of our society, displaying remarkable strength and determination despite their limited resources.