Neetu Potter

My inspiration led me to the deep oceans, where I came into contact with coral reefs. I sculpted corals that will undoubtedly pique my imagination as well as my appreciation for nature's beauty. Coral reefs, on the other hand, are in grave danger all over the world due to a slew of global and local issues such as climate change, declining water quality, overfishing, pollution, and unsustainable coastal development. Some grow in spongy masses, some in long, spindly webs, some resemble hands, some resemble spiky leafless bushes, and some can only be described as brain-like in appearance, but it's all there. You might feel a nip or be suctioned by one of the coral's tenants while reaching out your fingers, or you might be surprised by the sharp surface of something that appears to be smooth or the fleshiness of something that appears to be rocklike. It just feels strange. Most people would say that seeing the coral is the best way to experience it, but many people wanted to touch it, so I created my own artificial corals inspired by our nation's coastline.

India is a fascinating destination with many wonderful attractions. Magnetic hill, floating island, vanishing beach, and other fascinating things about this country that fall under the category of natural wonders.  I would like to enhance my ideas and imagination through the materials that I chose with deep concentration and focuses on the rigid reality of environmental degradation.  Clay and waste plastic somehow become my core of creations because it's all inherited from my father, Late  Shri Harkishan, another significant reason for the chosen material is that I m completely against water pollution or any type of pollution. I worked very hard to get across this message about the disregard for the natural world. My artwork reflects contemporary attitudes toward nature. My masterpiece gains distinctiveness from the glaze. The quality of colors merged with the concept of oceanic, classic corals always fascinates me.

I work with dark oxide also to highlight the negative aspect of the harsh reality of nature's ignorance, the dead corals symbolize though dark oxides and the glazes are the positive sides of coral, that they are still alive. This is all I want to show through my artwork and I need a chance to shine my ideas and concept to the world which is also a dream of my late father.