Neerja Peters

I believe abstraction has the ability to create real impressions, and that the line can mold shapes impregnated with color. I find the process of creating a piece by mere geometry and color play contemplative, and the journey of perfecting the outlines meditative. I enjoy achieving a navigating harmony by play of lines with their symmetrical synchronicity and rhythmic interaction, manipulating hues, their saturation and values thereby creating  subtle movement of the optics with their varying refrangibility.

This movement embodies the Divine grace and energy that the soul of a seeker acquires in the process of self gathering and spiritual realisation. It is a 'journey within' that accompanies this abstract creation of visual and rhythmic poetry, reverberating and vibrating in directions to and from the centre. The soul that originates from the Creator or the centre is directed back to its Source and its Divine grace, being completely absorbed into a state of Samadhi.