Mrinmoy Karmakar

Our life is composed of various layers. I have observed various incidents that occurred in my surroundings. The different social conditions create different kind of reaction. These have affected me because I am also a part of that society. These conditions at times are a result of the existence of my being within that subjective reality. It is also an oscillation between the objective reality and the subjectivity of the contextual existence.

      I make an incidence in miniature form in an empty landscape in my painting. This emptiness makes the incidence more mysterious. I have represented my all art work in "symbolic way". I think my artworks are emotional reaction to politics.

      The current works, I am trying to create a mysterious atmosphere by breaking up the empty landscape with several Incidental objects and placing several interrelated events on it. Again there is some 3D artwork that is trying to give a mysterious message to a hybrid rebel in Symbolic Wey.

      The works do not have a specific medium or surface, the work is shot using various materials as per requirement. Usually mixed media is predominant. I noticed that almost my every artwork is gray color ton. It can be said that, there is almost no color. Meanwhile, the textures create more tension, because of the tension that exist within the condition where I have also tried to represent myself existence.