Monika Thesiya

Creating abstract art with dry pastels can be a fun and exciting process. Use the pastels to make different marks on the paper such as lines, dots, and shapes. Try layering colours and blending them together to create new shades and tones. You may find that a new direction or inspiration comes to you as you look at your work from a different perspective. With abstract art, there are no rules or limitations. Interaction (reciprocity of idea and reality) The word itself reflects specific ideas, thoughts, processes, and at some point life, making it a journey to something that has been a thought metamorphosing into the truth. The series started as an experiment, with lines, shapes, volumes, and strokes. The process of experimenting reciprocated different thoughts and ideas, accompanying the usage of other symbols and transforming those to create various balanced compositions prompting abstract geometry. Colours and strokes balance respectively. The whole geometry concocted a depiction differing from an eye-to-eye celebrating art and idea.