Mona Sharma

I examine who I am, what I do, how I feel, and how I interact with my
environment. My practice revolves around personal experiences, surroundings ,
feeling of home & family life. My most recent projects deal with personal struggle
and experiences. whether it be my home , the people I'm with, surroundings, or
thoughts. I enjoy using metaphors to explore my existence and surroundings.
Relating one circumstance to another. My art is primarily representational. I
primarily employed the figurative style to illustrate my own thoughts using myself
as the subject.

In my painting technique, the hues that I decide to use. There is a link between
emotions and stories. I enjoy using color as a compositional form. For me, using
color is a way to convey the feelings I want others to feel. I try to experiment with
the mediums & style of work i do. To explore the subject I feel that watercolor,
acrylic, found objects( tissue, gauze, sand, wood etc.) & sculptures are very
effective & powerful tools.