Mahes Meher

I'm Mahes Meher, a sculpture student passionate about terracotta and ceramics, exploring various mediums like cement, stone, fiberglass, and metals, emphasizing their distinct properties. My advanced studies have honed my skills in metal casting, ceramic composition, and unique terracotta forms. Inspired by the traditional pit firing from my village, my art also bears the imprint of Indian maestros like Raja Ravi Varma and Ramkinkar Baij. Contemporary artist Manjunath Kamath's versatility and Vinod Daroz's unique ceramic glazes fuel my creativity, similar to how Picasso's mixed mediums have impacted my approach. Rooted in societal and cultural themes, coupled with personal memories, my work reflects a keen sense of curiosity and desire, underscoring the importance of emotional resonance and the courage to innovate for artistic evolution.