Lucky Jaiswal

The prevailing influence for my artworks stems from various intricate components inherent to rural Indian villages. These elements, recurring motifs in my creations, are deeply representative of India's culture and lifestyle. One such inspiration is the earthen walls of village abodes that encapsulate their simple yet profound existence. Moreover, I often highlight slivers of wood protruding through cracks in mud walls - a detail epitomizing the raw beauty one can find amidst imperfections. Further inspirations include humble straw or pallet shelters with numerous slim wooden sticks scattered throughout their exteriors. You may notice this common sight set against households playing a significant role in many canvases. Adding vibrancy to these earth-toned portrayals are sprinkles of colour, characterized by vibrant rags or pieces of fabric glimpsed amongst wooded areas. Aspects like these effortlessly add a pop of brightness contrasting starkly with the more tranquil pastel hues typically associated with villages' rhythm and life essence.