Krishna Chari

 I was born and raised in a hamlet. I grew up playing games, seeing village life, struggling for life in the environment, doing business, and creating art. My father used to create sculptural pieces out of wood and stone. As a result of all of this, I became interested in painting. I believe that village living is a great way of life. I can live happily ever after without having to worry about anything. They are mostly migrating to cities in search of a healthier environment, but in the current situation, more buildings are being built under the guise of development, causing the soil to lose its flavour and turn into concrete, with negative consequences for trees, animals, birds, and humans. Similarly, we are losing nature owing to road development, expanding population, and the number of cars; as a result of these factors, we are experiencing drought, excessive rains, rising temperatures, heavier rain, and cold; the underlying cause of all of these factors is destroying nature. Even in the hamlet, the usage of plastic is expanding, yet there is no way to dispose of it.

Including in the soil Many dwellings were built with mud a few years ago. Our home is built of mud, bamboo, and thatch. It is around 60 years old and in good shape. However, the ancient houses in the village are standing abandoned, while building activity in the city is rising. There is also a scarcity of space in cities. Farms are being turned into layouts, but in the future, there may be a scarcity of food and water, or science may discover something else; at the moment, the hybrid danger is on the rise, and food is contaminated and lacking in nutrients. I am looking hard at all of these things since they have greatly inspired my painting work. Water color soil seeds In my art, I use leaves cow dung and a variety of other materials, like bamboo