Ketiya Bhandecha

My works are experience of mine. They are psychedelic in nature. The surroundings I grew up in, I studied, I experienced are both dominant aspect in my art works. These forms are outcome of my amusement towards them. I have worked on the discarded objects to provide them a new piece of identity which they lost. I've always been drawn by the concept of a mix of impression that includes any emotion, thought or feeling that evokes a strong sense of expression in a certain way. Neon colour dominates my colour palette as it symbolises the search for joy thus, trying to co-relate my entire pictorial space. My works represents time and events which have affected me in certain ways. Every form and pattern in my pictorial space is itself represents time. According to me it reminds us our good and bad phases. Every colour, stroke, lines and form are released from our subconscious mind when the time of it arises. I have also worked on various mediums and themes like The Scar Project, Embellished, Animations, Wall Hangings, Site Specific works. My works also witnesses a lots of craft materials, decorative items. For me new mediums have been a way to explore and to bring into focus about how things are used in everyday life can become an art work. Throw away and waste materials were very useful for me. I have tried to give them a new identity by using them as my material base probably a rebirth defined them the best.