Gaurav Bansode

My works deal with the experience which is unknown to the viewer but the known of voice which I am trying to communicate in it, not dealing with the specific approach or any subject to something. I like to be surrounded with the natural areas because it’s not just about to replenish but to feel the essence and harmony which pleases. By experiencing this, my eyes got stuck on the ‘sky’; the infinite sky which deals with the each and every nuance of it. Through this infinity, at some point I get deeply associated with the evening which somehow associates with its deep meaning as I feel; and then, reliably with the bottomless ocean and its deep expression. But this refuge always clinches to the sky. Maybe it’s depth ascent which marks in its own madness. So a kind of connection or knot comes together in my works. I wander to see my print in its own visual universe and give the feeling that is natural to me. When I think about my works, I feel that this infinity is having an ascent which doesn’t need fond or joy but to communicate with its expression, and from that getting the meaning of the insight. It is hushed but emotionless.